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Malaysian and USA Sex Pills,
Male and Female Enhancement Supplements, Longevity-Enhancing Nutritional Supplement, Far Infrared Pain Relief, and Mold Health Guide!

Improve your sex life with pure Malaysian grown and processed herbal sex pills, male and female enhancement supplements, such as pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali 100 to 1 extract and Thaichima, along with USA-manufactured Arginine and Tribulus, and live longer in better health with the super vitamin E dietary supplement Tocovid (processed in Malaysia from palm oil), Thermotex far infrared heating pad, and the Mold Health Guide.

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Male enhancement supplement sex pills Tongkat Ali 100 to 1 extract, Thaichima sex pills, Arginine, plus female libido enhancement supplement sex pill Tribulus, plus anti-aging Tocovid, Thermotex pain relief pad, and the Mold Health Guide (by email attachment) are shipped FREE worldwide via Post Office Priority Mail from our Arizona, USA, office to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, the Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and elsewhere worldwide!

You can pay for your nutritional and dietary supplement order, the Thermotex far infrared pad, or the Mold Health Guide with your credit, debit card or US bank account transfer via PayPal shopping cart buttons on each product's web page, or by direct bank deposit (USA), or by money transfer services like Western Union or Money Gram worldwide. For direct bank deposit (national USA or Philippines bank) or money transfer details,  please email tongkat@moldinspector.com, or phone 1-480-310-7970 USA. You can also mail your check or money order payable to Enviro Mold Mart USA, P.O. Box 32002, Mesa, AZ 85275, USA.

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Phillip and Divine Fry, co-managers, TongkatAli4Erection.com

Mold Health Guide
Read Phillip Fry's in depth mold ebook Mold Health Guide. Phillip and Divine Fry are both mold experts, Certified Environmental Hygienists, Certified Mold Inspectors, and Certified Mold Remediators.

Welcome to TongkatAli4Erection
"We sell only genuine, non-fake nutritional and dietary supplements manufactured in Malaysia and the USA. Either Phillip (age 68) or myself, or both of us, use daily many of these top-quality products (such as Arginine-Orthinine Tongkat Ali, and Thaichima, to make our love life strong and exciting, plus anti-aging Tocovid so
 that we can live longer together).
Thus, we know for sure that the nutritional supplements we sell
actually work well."--- Divine Fry, Co-Owner-Manager. If you have any question about nutritional supplements, please email us.
Read answers to herbal questions
asked by our website visitors.

For relief of arthritis pain, back pain, joint pain, & muscle pain, use far infrared heat, FDA medical device registered Thermotex
please visit
Far Infrared Pain Relief.

Male Penis Erection Problems: Male Dysfunction and Erectile Dysfunction ED

      The male sexual response can be divided into 3 phases: desire (libido), excitement (arousal) and orgasm. Problems in any of those 3 phases can cause erection problems.  Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to achieve an erection. Erection occurs when the blood flow to the penis increases when a man becomes sexually aroused. Blood vessels going to the penis dilate, and blood fills the penis causing it to become engorged. This occurs via the secretion of a chemical called nitric oxide (NO). This will typically last until arousal is diminished, or orgasm is achieved. Many conditions can affect erection, especially conditions that can compromise blood flow to the penis. These include physical conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease. Psychological conditions may also have a bearing on the initiation and maintenance of an erection.
      Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence (lack of power), is considered to be a typically male problem, because it is generally expected that the penis should become sufficiently hard to enter the vagina and remain there long enough to provide pleasure, orgasm, and ejaculation.
      Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent than it may seem. It occurs to some degree in up to 40% of men 40 years old, and up to 67% in those age 70. It is a significant area of research for the pharmaceutical industry, with potential sales in the billions of dollars.
      The first aids for ED were mechanical devices: vacuum pumps that draw blood into the penis and implantable balloons or rods. Viagra was the first prescription drug for ED, but it has significant side effects, and should not be used in people with heart disease. It is also exorbitantly expensive. Recently, more attention has been focused on natural and herbal remedies, which seem to be effective yet have fewer side effects.
       Read the latest medical insights into the likely link of erectile dysfunction with cardiovascular problems at
Erectile Dysfunction Cardiovascular Risk.

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the most effective and safest erectile dysfunction herbal remedies (the combination of Tongkat Ali and
     for worldwide postal delivery.
Tongkat Ali scientific studies as to its effectiveness.

        "For many men, erection difficulties cut to the core of male identity, so these problems can represent a significant loss," said Barry Reynolds, Ph.D., a University of Southern California psychologist and sex therapist. "Erection difficulties can be equally devastating for the partner not just because of the loss of intercourse, but because of a loss of physical intimacy and emotional closeness."
        "Sexual stimulation and erection begin in the brain where neuronal testosterone-receptor sites are prompted to ignite a cascade of biochemical events that involve testosterone-receptor sites in the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.
Free testosterone promotes sexual desire and then facilitates performance, sensation and the ultimate degree of fulfillment. Without adequate levels of free testosterone, the quality of the male sex life is adversely affected. Studies have found that men with low testosterone routinely suffer from a decreased sex drive, genital atrophy, and impotence. Upon re-establishing youthful levels, subjects commonly report increased feelings of vitality, a higher sex drive, better sexual performance and even penile enlargement and increased genital sensitivity," explains J. Phillip Vogel, in Le Magazine, May, 2003.
       "The erect penis has always been a symbol of power, virility, and fertility. Inability to obtain or maintain an erection, known clinically as erectile dysfunction, is a major health problem. It can cause considerable distress, unhappiness, and relationship problems. The search has therefore continued from time immemorial to find an effective safe, and easy to administer treatment for erectile problems. Although a number of these treatments became available in the last two decades, they all had problems with efficacy, safety, or ease of administration. Clinicians in this field often are told at the end of an assessment interview, "I wish you have a magic pill". An effective and safe oral treatment is, no doubt, the most acceptable and easy to use option. Finding such a treatment has always been the dream of many scientists, and many attempts have been made over the years. These ranged from herbal remedies used by native healers, mostly in Eastern countries, to the more sophisticated designer drugs, which are based on a better understanding of the physiological mechanism of erection.," wrote W. R. Guirguis, Sexual Dysfunctions Clinic, St. Clement's Hospital, Ipswich, England, in the article "Oral treatment of erectile dysfunction: from herbal remedies to designer drugs," Journal of Sex Marital Therapy, 1998 Apr-Jun;24(2):69-73.
       "Middle aged men tend to notice the physical changes in their sexuality first and the psychological changes, such as libido reduction, later on. The most common changes in sexuality that occur in the forties and fifties are:

bullet failure to have an erection in circumstances that previously were associated with erection
bullet less firmness of the penis during an erection
bullet occasional loss of erection during sexual activity
bullet delayed orgasm
bullet failure to achieve an orgasm
bullet reduced force of ejaculation
bullet reduced volume of ejaculation" ---Dr. Aubrey M. Hill, in his book Viropause/Andropause:
The Male Menopause

Male Erection ED Problems and Cures

ED Erection Problems Information

       This Male Penis Erection Problems website provides in depth information about these male sexual health problems: aphrodisiac, arousal erection, better erection, better sex life, boner, buy testosterone, causes of erectile dysfunction, cialis, cialis erectile dysfunction, cock ring, ed, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction causes, erectile dysfunction drugs, erectile dysfunction help, erectile dysfunction herbal supplements for impotency, erectile dysfunction impotence, erectile dysfunction information, erectile dysfunction mechanical aids, erectile dysfunction medication, erectile dysfunction medicine, erectile dysfunction product, erectile dysfunction pump, erectile dysfunction treatment, erectile dysfunction vitamin, erection aids, erection control, erection difficulties, erection difficulty, erection disfunction, erection device, erection disorder, erection drugs, erection dysfunction, erection enhancement, erection enhancers, erection help, erection keeper, erection medicine, erection online, erection penis pill, erection pill, erection problems, erection pump, erection quality, erection research, erection ring, erection viagra, free testosterone, frequent ejaculations, ginseng, hard erection, harder erection, health herb sexual, herbal sex supplement, herbal sexual enhancers, herbal testosterone,  impotence, impotence cure, impotence erectile dysfunction, impotence drug,  impotence product,  impotence treating erectile dysfunction naturally, impotence treatment, increase sexual performance, increase testosterone, increasing sexal stamina, India herbal medicine,  large erection, longer erection, love ring, low testosterone, maintain erection, maintaining erection, male dysfunction, male enhancement, male erectile dysfunction, male erection, male erection problem, male sex enhancer, male sex drive, male sex stimulant, male sexual enhancement pill, male sexual dysfunction, male sexual health, male sexual performance, male testosterone, man sexual health issue, man sexual performance, natural sex enhancer, orgasm, oriental erection ring , oriental love ring, papaverine, penile erectile dysfunction, penile erection, penis constriction ring, penile dysfunction, penis erections,  penile fatigue erection, penis health, penis pills, prostate cancer, search sex supplement, sex aphrodisiac, sex drive, sex enhancer, sex pills, sex secrets, sex supplement, sexual aids, sexual arousal, sexual drive medicines, sexual dysfunction, sexual endurance, sexual enhancements, sexual enhancement product, sexual performance, sexual performance enhancement, sexual performance enhancer, sexual performance supplements, sexual pleasure, sexual stimulants, sexual stimulation, sexual supplements, sexual therapy for men, stages of sexual response, stamina rx, stronger erection, testosterone, testosterone booster, testosterone deficiency, testosterone diet, testosterone enhancer, testosterone level, testosterone libido, testosterone pills, testosterone product, testosterone replacement, testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone therapy, testosterone supplements, testosterone treatment, total erection, therapeutic plant extracts, tongkat ali viagra, viagra erection, weak erection, what is testosterone, virility, vitamins for sexual health, what stimulates penile erection,  and yohimbine.

 Female Libido Enhancer
Attention Ladies: Increase your sexual libido and orgasmic  capability by
 taking two tablets per day (one with breakfast and one with dinner) of Tribulus
 Terrestris, available for your purchase at an affordable price at Female Libido
. Take one  tablet with one full glass of water at breakfast and again
 at dinner.

 Where To Buy Tongkat Ali for Worldwide Postal Delivery

 Buy USA Tongkat Ali, the most effective and safest
       herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction.
Tongkat Ali.        
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Erectile Dysfunction Herbal Remedies
Stop erectile dysfunction and erection problems from hurting your love life by taking the following erection pills
three to four hours before sexual activity: (1) two tablets of Tongkat Ali; and (2)  two tablets of Arginine-Orthinine. Take with with one full glass of water at meal time.  You can buy both herbal sex enhancers at an affordable price at  HerbPharmUSA.

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